CMB India Ltd. offers a challenging work environment where the culture is founded on knowledge sharing and the focus is on developing human resources that can take up the challenge of making a leader in the market. CMB INDIA LTD. seeks young, energetic men and women who have a passion to achieve and contribute to the success of the company. Please send your resumes at

This is where you can get all the information you need about work for City Mutual Benefit India Limited. Here you will learn about the board range of opportunities CMB offer its employees and about the vacancies we are currently looking to fill in our offices. The CMB India limited mission to create self sufficient sustainable of the member through co operation –That is why working at CMB India Ltd is always interesting, challenging and helps our employees achieve their full potential. If you are ambition, full of initiative, ready for new challenges and eager for person development. You are just the person we are looking for