Saving Deposit

Open an account for saving deposit keep a track of the recurring transactions avail of a loan against your account without more. Did you know? A Saving Deposit (SD) can also be flexible as a benefit , just like Fixed Assets.

Scheme (F.D.)

  • Saving account open only 500 rupees.
  • Attractive rate of interest 6%.
  • Passbook facility is available..
  • If your account balance more than 20000 than your deposit amount automatic convert to F.D..
  • Join account are available & withdrawal anyone



  • A saving account can be opened with a minimum initial deposit of Rs 500/- By properly introduced persons by signing the company standard account Opening From in the presence of an authorized officer. A person signing in the language provided the prescribed indemnity letter is signed by him.

Important suggestions/Instructions to the Esteemed Account Holders

  • No entries should be made in the pass Book by the member Account Holder
  • Please tender the pass Book while depositing or withdrawing money Or at least once a fortnight for being written up.
  • Please check up the entries in the pass Book and report immediately To the Br. Manager about any discrepancies or any unreasonable delays In getting back your pass Book.
  • lf the pass Book is lost duplicate pass Book will be issued against a letter of request and the depositor has to pay such Chares as may be fixed By the bank from time to time.
  • Withdrawal Shall be made only by means of prescribed cheque forms Or Withdrawal slip forms which will be supplied by the Bank cheques and Withdrawal slip must be drawn in ink and all alterations made in them must bear the full signature of the drawer. The bank reserves the right to Refuse payment of cheques and slips which have been altered and are not so signed.
  • For other rules you may please obtain a printed Rules of Business from the branch office.
  • Minimum balance to be maintained Rs.500/-.